Time for Karen Cilevitz – to shed light on the accusations

Time for Karen Cilevitz – to shed light on the accusations

Oct 6 -2018

Karen Cilevitz – Ward 5 Richmond Hill candidate, on her facebook post dated Oct 1 somehow accusing other Ward 5 Candidate Mahnaz Shahbazi as responsible for the damage to Karen’s lawn signs.

We condemn any vandalism on election signs of any candidates – anywhere , anytime – but we have seen this happening in the past elections too. Richmond Hill Connections  call on Karen Cilevitz to shed light on the comments of her Campaign manager, Richard Rupp.

Ricahard  Rupp wrote  ” the work of Terrorists”

Do Karen Cilveitz and Richard Rupp have any information on the terrorists who vandalized the lawn sign of a candidate in a small town in some part of Ontario and Canada?

If they know the terrorists, they have to formally inform the police and security services for the safety of Canadians and residents of Richmond Hill.

If Richard Rupp’s comment is false, then Karen  Cilveitz has to apologize to the residents of Richmond Hill for misleading them and using bullying tactics. Also, Richard has to step down as Karen Cilveitz’s  campaign manager.
We urge all candidates to be positive and respect voters. So many people vote through understanding candidate ideas and platforms, not by lawn sign and rosy promises.
Richmond Hill need mature politicians.