Karen Cilevitz should step down to preserve Richmond Hill’s dignity

unpopular Karen Cilevitz should step down to preserve Richmond Hill’s dignity


Ward 5 deserves a better representative


Jan 5th 2019      Opinion article


The recent motion to suspend the councillor’s pay, based on the latest Town Integrity commission report on bullying, sheds light on the issue of ethics among Richmond Hill’s elected representatives. {1} Richmond Hill’s Ward 5 Councillor Karen Cilevitz was the subject of the Report published on December 7th, 2018. In the report, the councillor was found to be harassing, intimidating, and threatening local Richmond Hill musician Steffi Goodfield. The long series of harassing voicemails and text messages that were sent by Councillor Cilevitz to Goodfield began in December of 2017 over the name of a musical event being hosted at Richmond Hill’s Archibald’s Pub.


In her 2018 campaign for re-election as Ward 5 Councillor, Karen fell into further controversy due to her association with a local Richmond Hill Richard Rupp, who was in 2008 convicted in an Ontario court for committing tax fraud. {2} Mr. Rupp was hired by Cilevitz as her campaign manager. This raised many eyebrows as to why she had chosen to a convicted criminal to be in charge of her campaign. Cilevitz never addressed the doubts regarding Mr. Rupp during or after the campaign. In fact, during the newly elected council’s inauguration at Richmond Hill’s centre for the Performing Arts on December 4th, Rupp was invited as one of the councillor’s special guests and was given a special tribute by Cilevitz during her remarks to the town. This was further seen as an insult to the residents of Cilevitz’ Ward as to the fact that she was never transparent about her association with the convicted fraudster Richard Rupp.

Karen Cilevitz with her convicted criminal campaign manager, Richard Rupp

The new Richmond Hill Council has to catch up with so many left over projects to improve the town. Therefore the constant interference by individuals who actions act as a distraction from the vision in place for Richmond Hill. The fact that the town of Richmond Hill has made national headlines recently in a negative light, due to the actions of Councillor Cilevitz, has been an injustice to the town’s diverse and hardworking residents. For Councillor Cilevitz to step down is the best option both for herself and Ward 5 residents as well as the town of Richmond Hill. Time for a municipal by election in Richmond Hill’s Ward 5.

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