Who we are?

The Richmond Hill Connections (RHC) is committed to connecting, helping and empowering the community through our dedicated members.

The RHC do its best to elaborate the community’s needs and be the voice of its members by holding regular gatherings to discuss important issues that effects their lives.

The RHC makes sure that all its members are aware of gridlocks and deficiencies in the municipality of Richmond Hill and be the voice of its members discussing issues with government legislative body.


Why should we get together?

  1. To convert our dull town to a vibrant, enjoyable CITY and improve our Urban, Social life.
  2. To rejuvenate our community and advance our economy.
  3. To create jobs by inviting good businesses and corporation to our community.
  4. To bring subway to Richmond Hill and facilitate our transportation and traffic.
  5. To improve planning permission process and make the Mayor and Councillors accountable to the community
  6. To preserve our valuable major historical buildings and heritages.


We are good at the following

  • Welcome and support newcomers to our community and help them familiarize to Canadian rules and regulations.
  • Expand community networking to have bigger voice in the City of Richmond Hill
  • Plan and organize gatherings to develop closer relationships
  • Updating and improving the existing By-laws and city planning.
  • Advocate for the business community